Sunil Kumar Tripathy is a Postdoctoral Fellow,University of Lorraine,France

Sunil Kumar Tripathy

Postdoctoral Fellow

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University of Lorraine


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Postdoctorate Fellow:
University De Lorraine - Nancy, France
 Awarded [Postdoctorate fellowship, Labex Ressources 21 supported by the French National Research Agency].
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad - Dhanbad, India
 Dissertation Title: Analysis of separation characteristics of para-magnetic minerals in high intensity dry magnetic roll separators.
Master of Technology:
Gulbarga University - Nandihalli, Karnataka, India
 Thesis Title: Effect of key operating variables on the performance of floatex density separator for treating chrome ore beneficiation tailings.

 Awarded Gold Medal for securing highest score in Gulbarga University for the academic year 2008.
Bachelor of Science:
S D S College of Arts and Applied Sciences, Andhra University - Garividi, Andhra Pradesh, India
 Graduated with distinction. (Mineral Beneficiation, Geology, Materials Handling)

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