Luis Felipe Silva Oliveira is a Postdoctoral stay Superior Council of Scientific Reaserch CSIC- Environmental Sciences,Universidad de la Costa,Brazil

Luis Felipe Silva Oliveira

Postdoctoral stay Superior Council of Scientific Reaserch CSIC- Environmental Sciences

Organizing Committee


Universidad de la Costa


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  • Development of multi-analytical methods to determine contaminants in the environment and transformation products of environmental pollutions.

•           Environmental Forensics applications to establish point and non-point sources in the environment as well as the occurrence, transport and fate of emerging contaminants.

•           Application to the risk assessment of different hazards within the field of  environmental safety

•           Sustainable building construction: management strategies for monitoring, diagnosing, and retrofitting the building’s dynamic energy performance


  1. Advance diploma by research:  Assemblage of nanominerals from coal fly ash with respect to environmental concerns and implications on human exposure, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (Spain);
  2. The best scientific presentation at II International Congress of Environment and Human Development, UNIÓN PANAMERICANA DE ASOCIACIONES DE INGENIEROS;
  3. The best scientific presentation at National Student Chemistry Conference, São Carlos University (Brazil).

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