Jorge Loredo  is a professor,University of Oviedo,Spain

Jorge Loredo


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5 Selected EU recent projects:

1. PROJECT LoCAL - : Low-Carbon After-Life: sustainable use of flooded coal mine voids as a thermal energy source – a baseline activity for minimising post-closure environmental risks.   EU. Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). RFC-PR-13015 (SEP Nr 630993). 2014-2017. 2.PROJECT IDARTS - : Innovative and demonstrative arsenic remediation technologies for soils. European Commission. LIFE11 ENV/ES/547. University of Oviedo (Spain), Principality of Asturias (Spain), Sogener (Spain). 01-09-2012 / 31-08-2016.

3.PROJECT CAMINAR - : Catchment management and mining impacts in arid and semiarid south America. EU. VI Framework Programme. UE-07-032539. University of Oviedo (Spain), University of Newcastle (UK), Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of La Serena (Chile), CAZALAC (Chile), University of La Paz (Bolivia), University of Arequipa (Perou). 01-02-2007 /  31-01-2010.

4.PROJECT TRANSCAT - : Integrated water management of transboundary catchments. EU. V Framework Programme. UE-EVK1-CT-02000124. University of Oviedo (Spain), ISQ (Portugal), GEO (Rep. Checa), University of Tesalónica (Grecia), University of  Ostrava (Check Rep. ), FEEM (Italy), University of Sofia (Bulgaria), University of Bochum (Germany). 01-02-2003 / 31-01-2006.

5.PROJECT ERMITE - : Environmental regulation of mine waters in the European Union. Unión Europea. EU. V Framework Programme. EVK1-CT-2000-0078. University of Oviedo (Spain), University of Newcastle (UK), NIOO (The Netherlands), Sevilla EU Joint Research Centre (Spain), University of Exeter (UK), University of Stockolm (Sueden), University of Freiberg (Germany), University of Sarajev (Bosnia). 01-02-2001 / 31-01-2004.




















Mining Geologist


Paris School of Mines, France


PhD in mining engineering

University of Oviedo. Spain.

  • Title of the Thesis: Application of the fluid inclusion studies to the metallogenetic research of the fluorite deposits of Asturias (Spain).



Master in Environmental Engineering

Minister of Industry / University of Oviedo, Spain


Mining Engineer

University of Oviedo, Spain


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