Hossein Jalalifar is a professor,ShahidBahonar University of Kerman,Iran

Hossein Jalalifar


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ShahidBahonar University of Kerman


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  1. Diploma in Physics and Mathematics, from Hor high school in Bam, Iran in 1998.
  2. Bachelor in Mining Engineering from Kerman University, Iran, graduated in 1994.
  1. Master of Rock Mechanics from University of TarbiatModarres, Tehran 1997 Title of thesis:  “An assessment of failure modes in Jiroft pressure tunnel and design support”


  1. Ph.D. in Rock Mechanics from Wollongong University-Australia in 2006.

Title of thesis: A new approach in determining the load transfer mechanism in fully grouted rock bolts.

  1. During Ph.D. career parallel research was carried out in deep drilling and poroelasticity.


Hossein has taught graduate, undergraduate, and Postgraduate students in three universities (as follows) in Kerman, Iran from 1997 till 2010. He has taught: Advanced Rock Mechanics, Advanced drilling, Well cementing, Advanced support in mines, Drilling and blasting, Advances in tunnels and shafts, Tunneling, Numerical modeling, and Slope stability design.

  1. Lecturer at Shahid Bahonar Kerman University from 1997 until now.
  2. Lecturer at Azad University in Kerman, Iran from 1998 until 2000.
  3. Part-time teaching academic staff at University of Wollongong, Australia in 2006.

Interests: Wellbore stability, Drilling, Underground storage, Rock mechanics, Nanotechnology,…Tunnelling, Slope stability.

Computer’s skills:

Expert in numerical software such as Ansys, Flac, Udec, Unwedge, Swedge, Examine 2D, Examine 3D, Abaqus and


  1. Top researcher in Kerman University in 2000, Iran.
  2. Top researcher in Kerman University in 2001, Iran.
  3. Scholarship award for Ph.D. in 2002 from Kerman University, Iran.
  4. Ripu Lama award in 2004 as outstanding achievements in research in Wollongong University, Australia.

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