E A  Ofosu Mensah  is a Head of Department,University Of Ghana,GHANA

E A Ofosu Mensah

Head of Department

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University Of Ghana


A. Published Book

  1. Ofosu-Mensah, E.A. (2017). The Economic, Social and Political Impact of Mining on Akyem Abuakwa from the Pre-Colonial Era up to 1943. Hauppage, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


B. Book Chapter










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C. Book







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A.Book Chapter

  1. Ofosu-Mensah, E.A. (2013). Traditional Gold Mining in the Akan States of Ghana. In I. Nishkov, I. Grigorova & D. Mochev (Eds), Proceedings of XV Balkan Mineral Processing Congress (1265-1269). Sofia: University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski” Publishing House.





































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Ph.D. History

University of Ghana Legon


M.Phil. History

University of Ghana Legon


B.A (Hons)

University of Ghana Legon


Emmanuel Ababio Ofosu an Economic and Social Historian with a special interest in mining in Ghana and issues in Migration in the West African sub-region. My current research interest focuses on the following themes:

  • History of Gold Mining and Current Issues in the Mining Sector in Ghana with a particular focus on Akyem Abuakwa and Adanse (Obuasi) Traditional Areas.
  • Impact of Artisanal Mining on the Ecology of affected communities in Ghana.
  • History of the Extractive Industries-Gold and Diamond Mining: Oil and Gas in Ghana.
  • Historiography and Reconstruction of Migration in West Africa.

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