Aboelkasim Diab is a Associate Professor,Aswan University,Egypt

Aboelkasim Diab

Associate Professor

Organizing Committee


Aswan University


Dr. Diab is an associate professor at the department of civil engineering, Aswan University, Egypt. He has been an effective associate professor and his teaching interests include pavement materials and design, railway engineering, and transportation engineering. Also he lectures in other universities in Egypt. Dr. Diab also is the responsible for transportation materials laboratories and transportation consulting in his university. Because of his expertise in the field of transportation consulting, he has helped design different road networks in Egypt. Currently, his research group consists of ten graduate students under his supervision. He entered faculty of engineering in 2000 to study civil engineering and graduated with honors in 2005. From 2005 to 2007 he undertook an engineering tour as a project manager in Hurghada, Egypt. In 2007 he was appointed as a teaching assistant to pursue his teaching and research work. After the completion of his master degree, he received a scholarship to pursue his Ph.D. study as a research assistant at the department of civil and environmental engineering, Michigan Technological University (MTU), USA. During his work at MTU, Dr. Diab also worked in a project on monitoring of water content in pavement materials using wireless, passive embedded sensors. In addition, he helped writing different research proposals submitted to Michigan Department of Transportation, USA. Dr. Diab has multiple research interests in testing and instrumentation of asphalt materials, non-linear rheology, modeling, and chemistry of asphalt cement and aggregate. He received the 2012 NSF CMMI engineering research and innovation student conference fellowship held in Boston, USA. Dr. Diab has published or submitted 50 research papers in different prestigious journals and conferences. One of his papers entitled “Evaluation of Foam-based Warm Mix Asphalt Modified with Nano-sized Hydrated Lime Using Multiple Creep and Recovery Tests” has been highlighted as a contribution of younger members to the 2nd Congress, Orlando, USA. Also, he received research prizes from Tanta and Aswan universities. In 2016, he received a post-doc. scholarship to MTU to continue his research work. Dr. Diab has joined the technical and organizing committees of different international conferences. He has frequently been invited by different prestigious journals and conferences to review papers. Also, he serves as an editor in the journals of Advances in Materials Science and Engineering and Organic Polymer Material Research.

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